#StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 1: The Launch Show

Welcome one, welcome all to the first ever edition of #StrictlyLiveBlogging! Glad you can join us tonight. As ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ returns to BBC One for a new series, we are here every step of the way with our weekly live blogs to comment on all the twists, turns, and tripping of the light fantastic as it happens, right here for you.

Tonight’s launch show (and our live blog) starts at 7pm, although we’ll have a warm up series of posts here before we get going at 6:30pm if you want to join us – and you can follow all the action as it happens below – don’t forget to leave your comments, they’re always welcome to hear. Enjoy – and get ready for us to staaaart blogging!

  • 6.40pm

20 minutes to go people! None other than the new head judge of Strictly, the wonderful Shirley Ballas has confirmed she’s watching the blog tonight – hello Shirley and thanks for joining. What we lack in a good top line and non rounded shoulders we will make up for in live blogging prowess 💃😉👍

  • 6.45pm

Last year’s winner Ore Oduba is back with his dance partner Joanne Clifton on the launch show tonight for one last dance. Here’s hoping it’s this one…

  • 6.50pm

Also on the launch show tonight there is a performance from lover of exclamation marks and queen of country pop Shania Twain. Here’s the video for her latest hit ‘Life’s About to Get Good’:

  • 6:55pm

Drinks are now ready. Coke and rum. Sparkling and fizzing like a samba.

  • 6:57pm

This is your three minute warning people…Strictly is almost back!

  • 6:59pm

Moment to talk about how fab Tess and Claudia are looking?

  • 7:00pm

Here we go… Strictly is back!

  • 7:01pm

AJ does need proof of age. Claudia awful telephone operator mind!

  • 7:03pm

Wonder women! They are that for sure!

  • 7:04pm

Aah look at them all. Young, naive and innocent. And none of them have a clue what they’ve let themselves in for…your stars of Strictly 2017!

  • 7:05pm

Oh my days. This Gene Kelly tribute is giving me actual life right now #GottoDance

  • 7:07pm

Neither do we Ore, neither do we. But that’s the beauty of it all!

  • 7:08pm

By the way to ensure you’re getting all the action…swipe down and hold to keeeep refreshing! 

  • 7:09pm

Seriously great opening dance from the professionals there!

  • 7:10pm

Remind me to get the tissues ready for the Brucie tribute. I don’t think I’m ready.

  • 7:11pm

Ah. The new judges looking good already!

  • 7:13pm

Here’s your Strictly stars then. Favourites are already many for us!

  • 7:14pm

The glitterball trophy is like a unicorn. It is a fabled legend Claudia.

  • 7:15pm

Here goes the pairing up… Gemma Atkinson first! I completely forgot she was in Hollyoaks.

  • 7:16pm

Debbie McGee. I get the distinct impression she’ll be out by Week 2 or 3.

  • 7:17pm

Chizzy Akudolu. I love her already. Just saying. Good tango face!

  • 7:19pm

Ah lovely Ruth Langsford. I reckon I can guess who her partner will be already!

  • 7:20pm

Gemma looking absolutely incredible. Who’s she gonna get?

  • 7:21pm

Ah Aljaz. Good match there!

  • 7:22pm

Debbie next…and her partner…Giovanni!

  • 7:23pm

Chizzy is giving me total Alison Hammond teas. In a good way. I love her. And her partner…Pasha!

  • 7:25pm

Ruth’s turn now…and her partner (as I thought)…is Anton!

  • 7:27pm

Very good pairings so far…what’s your thoughts on Gemma and Aljaz, Debbie and Giovanni, Chizzy and Pasha and Ruth and Anton?

  • 7:28pm

Shirley is very softly spoken isn’t she? Definitely has a dancer’s grace about her!

Love this Tweet as well 😂

  • 7:30pm

Love this Tweet from Oriane Messina on Ruth and Anton!

  • 7:32pm

Susan Calman is setting up the spare bed for her dance partner. Now that’s one way to prepare for winning!

  • 7:34pm

Here come the new female professionals, Dianne, Amy and Nadiya. Already looking like the world’s best girl group that’s never existed until now.

  • 7:36pm

I’ve missed Claudia’s comedy segments! Now for the first male pairings…

  • 7:37pm

Here comes Aston Merrygold…love JLS so am expecting good things from him!

  • 7:38pm

The Reverend Richard Coles. Obviously the Ed Balls figure for this year!

  • 7:39pm

Davood Ghadami. Not watched EastEnders in a long time but I imagine he’ll be as good as Jake Wood!

  • 7:40pm

Good old Simon Rimmer. Loves me a bit of Sunday Brunch!

  • 7:42pm

Aston’s got Janette! Well done Strictly producers, you got this one so right!

  • 7:43pm

Richard moving in mysterious ways? No, he says, just a spasm…and doing those with him is…Dianne!

  • 7:44pm

Davood next. He’s quite a tall fella isn’t he. And his partner is…Nadiya! That’s two of the new professionals taken now…

  • 7:45pm

Simon’s turn now. Good Scouse egg isn’t he? And his partner…Karen!

  • 7:46pm

So there we are, first four male celebs partnered up. What’s your thoughts on Aston and Janette, Richard and Dianne, Davood and Nadiya and Simon and Karen?

  • 7:49pm

Shania Twain performing her new single now. This does impress us much!

  • 7:53pm

Ore and Joanne are doing their jive again. Honestly one of my all time favourite Strictly partnerships. Gonna miss them on this year but can’t wait to see them again!

  • 7:54pm

Run run runaway runaway baby *hand jives wildly*

  • 7:57pm

Ore and Joanne forever. *applauds wildly*

  • 7:58pm

I’m so not ready for the Brucie tribute 😢

  • 20:01pm

I loved Chelsee and Pasha. Such a good partnership!

  • 20:04pm

Such a beautiful tribute dance this. Brucie you were our favourite and always will be the spirit of Strictly. Keep dancing up there sir! 😢💃


  • 20:06pm

Last female celebrities now…Charlotte Hawkins (very pretty, Katie Derham vibes), Mollie King (love her, c’mon TEAM SATS), Susan Calman (I’m expecting all the lols from her) and Alexandra Burke (go and shake it Lexy).

  • 20:09pm

Charlotte being partnered up first, and hers is…Brendan!

  • 20:11pm

Mollie next. How weird would it be if she got Kevin like Frankie Bridge did? Let’s find out…it’s AJ!

  • 20:12pm

So not Kevin then. Wonder who his partner is…Susan Calman maybe?

  • 20:13pm

Susan and Kevin then! Awww bless her reaction.

  • 20:14pm

Alexandra last but not least partnered up with Gorka! Very good matches all round it has to be said!

  • 20:17pm

What’s our thoughts on the last four female partnerships then? Craig is loving Mollie already!

  • 20:18pm

Rita Ora performing her new single with Avicii. Bit nothing-y TBH. But then that’s true of much of her songs.

  • 20:21pm

Susan Calman has a Kevin Clifton poster. I repeat. Susan Calman has a Kevin Clifton poster. 😂😂😂

  • 20:24pm

Last three male celebs now – Joe McFadden, Jonnie Peacock and Brian Conley. I suspect two of those will be in it longer than two weeks!

  • 20:27pm

Joe McFadden already has the look of a dancer. And his partner…is Katya!

  • 20:29pm

    Jonnie Peacock rather rocks the top knot doesn’t he? Oti is his partner!

    • 20:30pm

    Which means Brian has the last of the new professionals Amy. That’s all the celebrities and partners paired up!

    • 20:32pm

    Time now for the first ever group dance…this could be interesting!

    • 20:33pm

    Good words Bruno about the partnerships…anything can happen!

    • 20:36pm

    So many good partnerships already just on that dance. And yet we have to wait two weeks! I cannot wait!

    • 20:38pm

    So that’s it. Strictly is officially back. And that’s it for our first ever #StrictlyLiveBlogging. As Tess and Claudia said the first live show kicks off on Saturday, 23rd September, and we’ll be back right here to bring you all the action. So good night for now, and in the meantime…staaart dancing! 


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