#SongoftheWeek: Mollie King – ‘Hair Down’

  • ARTIST: Mollie King
  • SONG: Hair Down


Those who read my blog about the solo album of Mollie’s fellow Saturdays colleague Una Healy a few months ago will remember me saying that she too had attempted solo stuff following their hiatus in 2015 – albeit with disappointing results.

Which was true. This time last year, Ms King – always the smiliest, happy go lucky member of The Saturdays, and the one that struck me as being the member who loved every second of being a popstar – came out with her solo debut ‘Back to You‘, a decidedly dull SRS FACE effort with an edgy video that looked like a bad perfume advert to match. 

It bombed at a none too impressive #97, and that appeared to be that. For a woman who frequently professes a love of Britney Spears, I was expecting a bit more. Mollie herself acknowledged this in an interview with Fabulous magazine recently:

“…with hindsight, the response from the fans was that they were actually looking to me for an upbeat pop banger. My fan base come to me for that feel-good party thing – more what I’ve done with The Saturdays … I feel like we’ve really stepped up a gear and I’m pleased that I took this time out.”

Nevermind upping a gear though – she’s practically winning at Silverstone going on the strength of red hot new single ‘Hair Down’. The track reunites Mollie with Brian Higgins and his team at Xenomania for the first time since he worked his magic on the still brilliant ‘All Fired Up‘ for The Saturdays in 2011.

It’s an out and out dance pop banger replete with brassy horns and the attitude to announce ‘IT’S POP O’CLOCK WITH MOLLIE KING’, and a chorus to match that sentiment: ‘Don’t call I’m not home / Somebody’s got to run the show / Call me – busy tone / I’ll be the one to let you know’. It’s infectiously untamed and makes you glad she took heed of her fans’ wishes. Here’s to hoping her debut album – due early next year after her upcoming glitterball antics on the new series of BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing – is more of the same.

‘Hair Down’ is out to stream and download today via Island Records. Twitter: @MollieKing

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts of my song choice this week on my Twitter using the hashtag #SongoftheWeek!

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