#SongoftheWeek: Martine McCutcheon – ‘Say I’m Not Alone’

  • ARTIST: Martine McCutcheon
  • SONG: Say I’m Not Alone


2017 has proved to be quite the year for those ruling the top end of the charts in 1999 to make surprise returns. Steps knocked Ed Sheeran off number one on iTunes with their first single in 15 years. Geri Halliwell released her first new solo effort in 12 years. And now, the lady we all once knew as Tiffany has made a grand reappearance.

Yes, it was just 18 years ago in 1999 that, following a particularly brutal new scriptwriter’s regime, and a subsequent plot line which involved falling behind the wheel of Frank Butcher’s car to an untimely end, the role that bought Martine McCutcheon to public adoration on the BBC soap opera EastEnders was finished.

What immediately followed however, was a million pound record deal with Virgin’s pop offshoot, Innocent, and an instant UK number one smash with classy ballad ‘Perfect Moment’. All went quiet however, on the music front, after her third album of musical theatre covers in 2002 stalled.

There’s been the well publicised highs – her starring role as Natalie in Love Actually in 2003, for instance – and lows (which we won’t discuss here) in the time since. But now after a 15 year break, Martine has returned this week with her fourth studio album, ‘Lost and Found’.

Produced largely with her husband of five years, singer/songwriter Jack McManus, the album boasts a contemporary pop rock feel, whilst sounding to the ear like something Texas or Natalie Imbruglia wouldn’t be out of place singing – none more so than on this, its first single. 

One thing that does strike you listening to ‘Say I’m Not Alone’ is what a powerful voice Martine still has, and how at home she sounds rocking out on the chorus – ‘Kicking the stars around the constellation / Nothing’s as wild as my imagination’. It’s the kind of song, with enough weeks of summer left, that you could imagine blasting with the top down on a hot day. A sneakily fine come back indeed.

‘Say I’m Not Alone’ and Martine’s new album ‘Lost and Found’ are both out now on BMG. She tours the UK in November, starting in Guildford at G Live on 8th and finishing at Islington Assembly Hall on 14th. Twitter: @MartineOfficial

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