Three Zero

Friday, 7th August 1987. 

Los Lobos are at number one in the UK charts with their cover of Ritchie Valens’ hit ‘La Bamba’. 

Dynasty and the late Sir Terry Wogan’s chat show are on TV that night. 

Sylvanian Families are the must have toy of the moment. 

And you, Mairi, my dear sister, are born that day too.

As I write this, I’m remembering little things that reminds me of us growing up. 

Like how you always found the best places to play hide and seek in, a skill you still own to this day.

Our teenage keyboard accompanied duets of Samantha Mumba’s ‘Gotta Tell You’ and Bryan Adams and Melanie C’s ‘When You’re Gone’.

Making school discos at home with the copy of Now 39 that you won at the actual school disco.

Our shared love of Friends, and our ability to quote most episodes of it word for word.

Me buying us matching rubber ducks when I moved out of home to go to uni.

Us swapping beds one night as kids to try and fool Mum into thinking we were each other (it didn’t work. Using your Barbies as hair probably gave the game away).

You casually hanging out with Thom Yorke from Radiohead on an Amnesty International march with school and appearing on Newsnight.

Your invention of crisps with melted cheese, the best naughty after school snack we invented behind Mum’s back.

You never suffering fools gladly and having the best comebacks.

You always making me laugh with your (dead on) impressions of Claire from Steps and Madonna in her ‘4 Minutes’ video.

How we always do a little hand jive dance (totally improvised) to ‘Last Nite’ by The Strokes.

I tried to do something poetic for this, but that wouldn’t do justice to what an amazing sister you truly are. 

You have always been, and continue to be, so caring, warm hearted, deliciously witty and gifted at all things art and creative (seriously, I owe you a drink at least for all the years of doing my art homework).

And most importantly, you’ve always been my bookend and one of my closest friends to boot.

Happy birthday Village. Here’s to another 30 and beyond, and many more laughs and memories to come sis.

Love from your little brother with the pen,




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