#SongoftheWeek: George Ezra – ‘Don’t Matter Now’

Just before we start today’s blog – firstly congratulations to The Vamps, holders of last week’s #SongoftheWeek as their new album ‘Night and Day’ did indeed become their first number one album. Congratulations and all that lads.

Anyway. Time once again for my weekly piece about a brand new song I have been listening to non stop and believe that you, dear readers, should as well. This is, quite literally, my #SongoftheWeek…

  • ARTIST: George Ezra
  • SONG: Don’t Matter Now


If there’s one thing that grinds my gears more than anything, it’s what-I-call ‘one album wonders’. Artists who are so full of promise with such a fantastic, in some cases iconic debut, but then fall away to nothing by releasing absolute drivel for their second offering two years later. Franz Ferdinand, hello to you.

Thankfully, on the basis of this new single, what was the case for Alex Kapranos and co, isn’t the case for George Ezra. One of 2014’s brightest and best new talents, his chart topping debut album ‘Wanted on Voyage’ was one of my albums of that year, as were it’s two storming top 10 hits ‘Budapest’ and ‘Blame it on Me’.

Now after a year’s break, and following a blinding last minute set at Glastonbury last month, the singer songwriter is back with ‘Don’t Matter Now’, the first release from his (as yet) untitled sophomore LP, due for release later this year.

Building on all the elements that made his first few singles a joy – that wonderfully husky, gravelly blues voice, the jaunty guitar stylings to go with it – it’s a real summer anthem (even if the actual summer appears to have gone awol in the last few days).

Written just as he came to the end of his 2015 world tour, ‘Don’t Matter Now’ is a self affirming song that, George says, he wrote as a reminder to himself to pay attention where needed to world events and awful occurences, but not to get too wrapped up in them.

Certainly, in our plugged in age where we’re on a constant looping news feed of tragedy and pending doom, it’s also a gentle reminder for us, the audience, to show concern and take action where we can, but to not forget to enjoy life as well. And I am confident life will continue to be (relatively) sweet for Mr Ezra if the singles keep on with this rate of consistency.

‘Don’t Matter Now’ is out now to stream and download on Columbia/Sony. Twitter: @George_Ezra

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts of my song choice this week on my Twitter using the hashtag #SongoftheWeek!

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