#SongoftheWeek: The Vamps with Martin Jensen – ‘Middle of the Night’

Time for a new regular feature on my blog. As I’ve been somewhat lax in recent months with frequent blogs, and have needed a bit of motivation in myself to get things going again, I thought I would introduce a few new weekly slots on here. The first of which is starting right now.

In #SongoftheWeek, I will be talking about a new song that I’ve mostly been listening to this week, me telling you why I am loving that song in that week’s blog right now, and the general gist of things will be me, advising you all to listen to it. Got it? Good…here comes the first one then!

  • ARTIST: The Vamps with Martin Jensen
  • SONG: Middle of the Night


I will put my hands up now and confess I wasn’t that fussed by The Vamps when they first started in 2013. At the time they released their first few singles, Lawson were still around and that was fulfilling my ‘lads with guitars singing pop rock’ quotient, thank you very much.

Then about a year later, in 2015, they released a single and a second album, both of which were titled ‘Wake Up’ and which I really rather liked. Then I saw them perform its follow up, ‘Rest Your Love’ on TV and I really rather liked that one too.

In short, they started releasing some really great singles, a tradition that has proudly carried on to this, their current single, which is a collaboration with dance producer Martin Jensen. It’s a great track, really atmospheric and almost evocative of OneRepublic (who I also rather like).

I feel to appreciate this song also requires watching its excellent video. It follows a deaf couple acting out the story of the song through sign language. I’ve always been fascinated by sign language since I was a kid, so it’s nice to see it being represented on such a huge scale as a pop music video.

If the midweek figures are correct, then their new album ‘Night and Day’ (which is being released in two parts – the first this month, then the second in November) is all set to become their first number one album in the UK this weekend. With singles this good, I sincerely hope Brad, James, Connor and Tristan manage it.

‘Middle of the Night’ and the first part of The Vamps’ new album ‘Night and Day’ are both out now on Virgin EMI. Twitter: @TheVampsband

Let me know your thoughts of my song choice this week on my Twitter using the hashtag #SongoftheWeek!

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