Dear Cat & Fi: The One Where I Feel Autumnal

Dear Cat & Fi,

Hello to you both. I am writing this blog to you whilst feeling a little bit sleepy so if I yawn at any point, or nod off, then just shake me awake. Or bribe me with coffee, whatever is easier for you both. So…I did promise in the last blog to you both that I had something new I’d been doing as part of my health kick to write to you both about, however, I haven’t had the time to do said thing this last week and a bit but rest assured I will do this week so more on that, as they say, in next week’s edition.

So what can I write about instead? Well. Autumn is here, so that’s a decent enough starting point for me. Autumn is, without question, my favourite time of the year. Always has been. Even though it has it’s fair few amount of cons – less sunshine, back to work and school etc etc, there is plenty about it which I do love. Exhibit A, when everywhere starts looking like this:


Exhibit B, when I can start dressing like this again:


(OK, maybe without the Shoreditch hipster beard, but still.)

And Exhibit C, when you can start eating stuff like this again:


Mmm. Mmm. MMMM. Nothing says ‘autumn is here’ quite like the smell and making of a homemade apple or fruit crumble, as was the case two weekends ago when Mum baked the one you see above, and Chez Mac was immediately filled with that delicious, comforting autumn exclusive smell that crumble seems to emanate. I must admit, even when I was at uni I’d always make a crumble the first or second weekend I was back from the summer and it was only once I’d baked it that it felt like autumn for me.

So what else has been happening in my world? Well, Uncle Bruce and Bev dropped by to see us all yesterday (he’s 70 today, so happy birthday Bruce if you’re reading this), and we took them to Branocs Tree Hungry Horse and treated them to lunch. Although it was more brunch in my case as I had an all day breakfast on account of the fact I didn’t get up until 10am yesterday morning. Lazy thing I am etc. It was really yummy though, and really good to see them and catch up anyway, so that was a nice afternoon spent.

And today I was meant to be getting my new Kindle Fire 6. About a week ago, I traded in my old one, not that there was anything wrong with it, mind. It’s just that about a month ago, BBC iPlayer informed me they would stop offering me catch up downloads with my current model of Kindle Fire, so I had no choice but to trade it in at CeX. But my misery hasn’t ended there.


I now have to wait till tomorrow after work to get it, as the Braintree store tried to palm me off today with the last one they had, which was a broken one returned by another customer. I’ll let you guess exactly where I told them to stick it but I wasn’t happy about it, and rest assured I got my money back and they’re getting a strongly worded MacGregor letter of force from us. It’s so shocking in this day and age that even reputed businesses like theirs think they can still get away with trying to fob their customers off with faulty goods.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this week…and I’m heading off for a much needed disco nap now. Cat – so proud to hear that Indi has now said her first word. Hopefully she can learn how to say ‘Uncle Croc’ before too much longer! Fi – I’ve been meaning to give you a much needed ring and I will do this week hun, hope you’re doing well Patricia Nelson 😉

Until next week, like Jay-Z, I am off to chill in the ghetto with my homies. Word etc.


Luv-oo, Alex

x x

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