#AwesomeBoresome (Week ending 17/05/2015)

It’s Sunday, and thus time to tell you what I’ve been rating and ditching this week in what I like to call #AwesomeBoresome…let’s kick things off then…

  • #AWESOME – The Twitter account ‘Things on my Rabbit’

Victoria Beckham has been well known to call fans of her clothing line ‘fashion bunnies’ on her Twitter account for some time now. But this owner of a domesticated rabbit in San Antonio, no less, is taking things one step further with something which, as per ye great laws of animals on the internet, is one part ‘aww’ mixed with ten parts ‘MEGAlolz’.



But wait! It gets better:



Well done internet. Well done *applauds wildly*

  •  #AWESOME – a (sort of) new S Club 7 song


The newly reunited S Clubbers are currently bouncing their way round the arenas of the UK and Ireland on their comeback tour – and are at London’s O2 Arena for a third sold out date tonight – and to celebrate, their 2003 greatest hits album has had a little re-release this week.

On it there’s all new artwork, new liner notes by Jeremy Mark – the band’s official biographer who wrote a lot of their magazines, fanzines etc back in the day in between his duties for the BBC’s tie-in magazine for Saturday morning favourite ‘Live & Kicking’ – and also a BRAND NEW FLIPPIN’ SONG. That’s right.

Well, we say brand new. In the context of having never been released anywhere else before, that is exactly what ‘Rain’ is. Originally recorded and mooted for inclusion on their final album, 2002’s ‘Seeing Double’, it received only a 30 second airing on their TV show and their fan base have volleyed hard for its release ever since. And now their persistence has paid off? All lush instrumentation and soaring lead vocals from Jo and Bradley, it’s like the great lost comeback single we may never get.

  • #BORESOME – Big Brother, the unwelcome return and annoyance of


Urrgh. You’d have thought that since it finished up on Channel 4 five years ago that the insufferable yearly toil of plastic, cannot-believe-you-actually-exist fame hungry idiots locked up in a house in Elstree would be even easier to avoid now it was on Channel 5. That was until the series snored back into being this week and now my timeline is a living hell after 9pm most nights as people continue to Tweet about a show that’s both way past its sell by date and continues to congratulate people for being recognised for absolutely jack all. MAKE IT STOP!

  • #BORESOME: Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea, the awful new single by


We’re still not quite sure what’s more awful TBH – Iggy ‘As A Leah’ Azalea’s travesty of a ‘collaboration’ with J.Lo last year on a ‘song’ that made Sir Mix-a-Lot look positively feminist by comparison, or on this, her latest offering with Britney. That said, as is often the case with Britney these days, when she very occasionally gets it really right – ‘Womanizer’, ‘I Wanna Go’ etc – it can be a very good thing. ‘Pretty Girls’ is not one of those instances and somehow you really wonder if she’s just better off sticking with the Vegas show of hers for the next 10 years if the music stays this bad.

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